Report An Issue

Any billing questions, reports of missed pickups, or other service issues should be also directed to Waste Pro customer service, not the Town. 

If Waste Pro does not resolve your issue in a timely manner, please contact the Town at 954-640-4200 or

Except for misses which should be addressed promptly, five (5) days is the contractual number of days allowed to resolve most other issues. Before you report a missed pickup, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is this the correct pickup day for my cart? (e.g. putting recycling out on Monday or Tuesday would be the wrong day).

2. Was my cart out at the correct time? (by 7AM the day of pickup).

You can call Waste Pro at 954-282-6800 or connect with Waste Pro online using the following three links:
  • Report A Miss or Other Problem With Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Pick-Up
  • Leave A Compliment About Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Service
  • Make A Request Concerning Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Service